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A cozy nook in the heart of Downtown Clermont where you can savor the authentic tastes of Venezuela. Come indulge in our classic offerings like AREPA, CHICHA, and PAPELON WITH LEMON, among other delightful options.


K'EMPANADAS - shredded chicken or shredded beef + cheese ($4.25 each)

K'TEQUEGUAVA - guava and cheese bread sticks (3 = $6.95 or 5 = $11.25)

K'TEQUENOA - fried chees bread sticks ($6.75 = 3 or $10.25 x 5)

PASTELITOS - pizza sauce, cheese, potatoes, and ground beef ($3.95 each)

EXTRA SIDES - avocado ($1.20), plantain ($1.20), garlic sauce ($1.00)


K'PEPIADA - mix of chicken, mayo, and avocado ($9.25 each)

K'CARTIRA - shredded chicken with gouda cheese ($9.25 each)

K'PELUA - shredded beef and cheese ($9.25 each)

K'RUMBERA - shredded pork with gouda cheese ($9.25 each)

KOT DOG - steamed sausage w/ gouda cheese and sweet sauce($9.25 each)

K'DOMINOS - black beans and cheese ($7.25 each)

K'CHEESE - ($7.25)

*all of our arepas taste better with our special homemade garlic sauce - included with every order.





Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: Closed

Thursday: 11-6pm

Friday: 11-7pm

Saturday: 11-7pm

Sunday: 10-3pm

Monday: Closed

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