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Cookie Queen Factory is a renowned cookie store located in the Downtown Exchange of Clermont, Florida. It is the source of the delightful aroma that permeates the area. The founder, Jacqueline Reyes, has been passionate about baking since her childhood, inspired by her grandmother's culinary skills. This lifelong passion culminated in the establishment of Cookie Queen Factory on April 15, 2022. The business operates out of the home of Jacqueline, a spirited and entrepreneurial Venezuelan woman.

Leveraging her passion, love, and expertise, Jacqueline crafts cookies that are a feast for the senses. She employs a creative blend of flavors and only the highest-quality ingredients to ensure the excellence of each cookie she makes.

In August 2022, Cookie Queen Factory received significant recognition, earning the title of Clermont's 2nd Best Overall Dessert and taking 1st place in the Cookies category at the People's Choice Dessert & Summer Drinks Challenge.


CLASSIC QUEEN - Chocolate Chips

CLASSIC QUEEN WALNUTS - Chocolate chip with walnuts

OREO - Oreo and white chocolate chips

QUEEN VELVET - Red velvet cookie, oreo, and white chocolate

CREAM MIX NUTS - cranberry, oats, white chocolate, and pistachio

KEY LIME PIE - white chocolate, oreo, vanilla, and lemon cream

DOMINO - chocoloate flavor filled with white chocolate

REESES - chocolate Reese's

KINDER BUENO - chocolate Kinder bueno bar

M&M - chocolate chip with M&M

CARAMEL PECAN CHOCO CHIP - chocolate chip, pecans, and caramel





Tuesday: 12-7pm

Wednesday: 12-7pm

Thursday: 12-7pm

Friday: 1-9pm

Saturday: 12-9pm

Sunday: 11-6pm

Monday: Closed

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