How to Become a Vendor

We are VERY workable here at The Downtown Exchange. Our passion is to provide a space for creatives and entrepreneurs to start their dreams on a small scale to help them launch into larger platforms as their business grows! 

The way to become a vendor is to simply come in and chat with us about the products you would like to sell and what amount of space you would like! *

We provide custom sized booth spaces. Anything from a 1 square foot space to a 100 square foot space (or event larger!) is possible. 

Our average booth space is  10x10 sqft, and that costs $125 per month. We do not take a percentage of sales, nor do we require a minimum amount of months. Our contract is month to month. The only percentage we take is a 3% fee for card charges to reimburse the expense on our end for running the card.

Average sizes and prices: (These prices are subject to change and pricing is decided by The Downtown Exchange owners.)

  • 10x10. $125
  • 9x10. $115
  • 8x10. $105
  • 7x10. $95
  • 6x10. $85
  • 5x10. $75
  • Display Case $65
  • 4x4. $40
  • 2x3. $30
  • 1x1. $20

*We do have a non compete in our contract stating that two vendors can not sell the same or very similar products. The current vendor is protected from another vendor coming in with the same items to sell.

Below is a photo of our current contract: